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In The Pittsburgh Area

Lawn Programs

Our organic-based fertilizers work to provide our customers with a thicker, greener lawn. This works to naturally push weeds out leading to a healthier lawn.

Flea and Tick

We keep those pesky fleas and ticks away from your furry friends! Our team offers reliable pest services to ensure your pets are happy and healthy.

Core Aeration

Proper aeration is crucial for maintaining healthy soil and promoting robust plant growth. Aeration is one of the most beneficial services for your lawn!

Plant Health Care

Plant health care services encompass a range of practices aimed at promoting the vitality and resilience of greenery, from disease prevention to soil enrichment. These services employ sustainable techniques to ensure thriving landscapes

Grub and Insect

Grub and insect services target the management and eradication of damaging pests, safeguarding plant health and vitality. Through environmentally-conscious methods, these services mitigate pest infestations, preserving the beauty and longevity of landscapes

Deer Protection

Deer spray applications offer a proactive solution to safeguarding plants by deterring deer from feeding on foliage and causing damage. By applying specialized formulas, these treatments create an effective barrier against deer browsing, ensuring the preservation of landscapes

Our Service Area Includes

  • Cranberry Township
  • Gibsonia
  • Pittsburgh
  • Allison Park
  • Wexford
  • Glenshaw
  • Ross Township
  • Mars
  • Valencia
  • Bradford Woods 
  • Sarver
  • Oakmont
  • Fox Chapel
  • Hampton
Keystone Green Lawns
Keystone Green Lawns
5 Google reviews
Thomas McElhaney
Thomas McElhaney
Great company, easy to work with, process has been painless.
Ryan Hanley
Ryan Hanley
The team at Keystone Green is great. Very knowledgeable and really easy to work with. It’s been a much better experience than any other lawn company I’ve worked with.
Kris Yute
Kris Yute
Great Company. Highly Recommend.
Debbie Forbes
Debbie Forbes
I can’t say enough positive things about Keystone Green lawn service! My lawn has never looked so fabulous and green. The interactions I’ve had with all of their employees and staff from appointments to service people putting my applications on has been great. It’s nice to be involved with a company whose employees really care about what they’re doing. It says a lot about their products and service. I’m a new client. I’m so excited to see what my lawn will look like after a years worth of applications I can’t wait!
Angela Barr
Angela Barr
This is a great company to work with for lawn care services. From Cari who answers the phone to Sheldon who applies the fertilizer, they are all kind, courteous, and professional. My family and I are big supporters of using local businesses and Keystone Green is for us!
Plant Health Services

What is Plant Health Care?

Maintaining healthy soil is a continuous process that pays off with vibrant, resilient plants. By focusing on soil health, you’re laying the groundwork for a thriving garden that can withstand challenges and flourish year after yea

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deer eating garden

Deer Spray Applications In Pittsburgh

If you’re a gardener, you know the frustration of waking up to find your plants nibbled down by deer. Deer spray applications can be a lifesaver, helping to keep these pesky foragers at bay. Here’s how to use deer sprays effectively to protect your garden.

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